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Originally Posted by Miraz

This website is quite old and serving well.
Thanks, Miraz Bhai. I used to browse both that site and a few months ago, just to get an idea of what's out there. It's scary; for the jobs that do mention the wages, you are looking at 8k-15k Taka/month with an MBA. Also, some of the jobs ask you to send your pictures, which just sounds shady as hell, but I figured that's just the Bangladeshi way of doing business; what I still think is shady is when they say certain jobs are for female candidates only, and those jobs ask for pictures every single time.

Right now, I am mulling a few options, from teaching in a private university to teaching in an English-medium school to working in broadcast media to working for an MNC. It's discouraging at times, but I'm not willing to give up so soon.
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