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If you are going back in order to stay with your family, I would say its the right decision. Some people find it difficult financially if they dont have a strong base in BD (family businesses, etc.)

Others find it ok if they get a good job, which can fetch more than 1-2 lk monthly. Note, if you have kids in the future, it may not be possible to survive solely on a salary of even 80k, as most things (except food) are quite expensive.....

If you get into a good bank, you will get salaries in lakhs within a few years, so money shouldnt be a problem.

Also I have noticed people working in foreign banks in BD do get paid well, however they often have no social life because of extremely strenous working hours, 12 hour days being common during busy weeks. Then again, I am talking about people in late 20's and early 30's. Not sure whether it applies to people in senior positions.

Also, given that you have already spent a few years in the USA, dont be surprised if you get reverse culture shock due to the the horrible traffic, infrastructure. But if your family is more important, I am sure you will learn to bear it

One last thing, if you do move back, its not uncommon to feel disillusioned after spending 6 months with your family, a lot of people feel like returning abroad, but you just have to hang in there and count your blessings in such a case !
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