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Thank you all for your responses. I feel that since you all have put some so much thought and effort into your posts, I should respond to them individually instead of multi-quoting them.

Originally Posted by ialbd
First of, congrats on your decision.... hopefully I'll be able to make this decision when my time comes (as HereWeGo said, we just have 1 life....)

abt the job market and the job search things, I think things have changed. corporate dhaka is quite matured now and my friends (graduating from IBA, Dhaka university) have the options of working for some multinational and telecom companies. the job is challenging given that (the market is Bangladesh) and someone with a MBA degree from north america should get a 'decent' salaried job. The concept of investment banking is also flourishing in Dhaka. There are several ibanks now, and my friends were even talking about banks like wachovia (before the whole financial collapse ofcourse) starting operation in BD. Citibank has grown pretty big in Bangladesh (rumor has it, the head of citibank bangladesh gets paid 16 lakh/month or sth ridiculous like that).

Yea in Bangladesh, the problem of 'getting hold of a connection' is still the biggest drawback especially when you are applying from abroad, but most of the companies have websites and contact emails (and they do check emails!!!).

One of my good highschool friend (he used to be a member of this forum) just moved back to BD last month after finishing his ugrad/masters from texas. He is starting as a lecturer in NSU (in econ) from Jan and also trying to get into a consulting firm (cant remember the name), so he'll be earning some 'good' money as well as live in the 'luxury' of dhaka.

I'll be around in this thread to read all the responses.... best of luck ....
The trend is encouraging; I guess I'll find out the reality when I land in Dhaka. I've contacted some people in Dhaka, and the responses are usually in one of three categories:
- Are you insane? Don't move back.
- The country is proud of you. We need more people like you.
- First move to Dhaka and then we'll talk about job opportunities.

The first two responses don't really address my concerns, and the third kinda makes me wary. One of my main problems is that I have no idea where any of my high school friends are, and so I have to start networking from scratch when I land in Dhaka. I think I might end up teaching in a private university, just like your friend, and doing some consulting on the side.

Something I would like to explore is working in broadcast media. I have worked in the production side and given how many TV channels we have in Bangladesh now, I might be able to land something. We also have quite a few family friends who have been working in broadcast media in Bangladesh for decades, so that might be of use... who knows?
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