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Originally Posted by layperson
I have a cousin whose husband, used to work for American Airlines. He applied for jobs while he was in USA. He got hired in Grameen Phone and had his interview taken via phone with a guy from New York. Obviously its a big paycut but its decent money compared to Bangladeshi standards. I also know of a guy who did his Undergrad in Economics and started work for Banglalink about a year or two ago. He now earns 80k with Banglalink. Now these two are the examples I am giving first because they got their jobs without an iota of "connection". There are other examples I know of but they got the jobs through connections.

The cousin's husband actually got the job through the site Miraz bhai mentioned. I was in Dhaka for a few weeks this August and couple of my friends who are all now in the job market in Dhaka was telling me that getting jobs in Bangladesh is much easier with a Foreign Degree. However the best jobs are often not advertised and its word of mouth and recommendations that do the trick same like here in North America.

I would suggest try and look in your field of work. By this I mean if you worked in a bank here in USA then look for opportunities in Banks in Bangladesh and dont go apply in the telecom or other unrelated MNC's. I know this for sure that if you have banking experience in North America for about 2 to 3 years and actuallly know how things work in a bank then you can get into high level executive positions in Banks in Dhaka( maybe at the VP or SVP level) where the pay is decent. As far salary goes Banks and financial institutions like leasing companies have a pretty high salary scale compared to the Bangladesh standard of living. Since you have an MBA from USA it should not be too much of a problem for you to get into financial institutions. Regarding photos for resumes, I was told by my friends again that a lot depends on the way you look when you apply for jobs which is why they require you to have photos attached to your resume. One of my friend said he had applied to Banglalink 6 times but was never called for an interview and later found out through other sources that the recruiter did not like the way he looked. It sounded funny to me but apparently that is important !!! I think the main reason for photos might be to make sure you are presentable, I dont think they are looking for Brad pitt for all the jobs.

Since you have not been to dhaka for a while now it would take a lot of adjusting to do with the way things work there. I would suggest take all your vacation days and go for a vacation to dhaka this year or next year and talk with prospective employers in person just to check and see the kind of response you get. You will also be able to adjust to dhaka while on vacation there. This would make the transition to dhaka from USA easier rather than just deciding to leave USA and resign from your job and go to Dhaka one fine day.

I am very eager to hear what happens with you after you go to dhaka and also to find out what other people in Dhaka are finding jobs. I also dont want to be without my family for too long of a time and might have to take such a decision in 5 years time. I still have to do my MBA before I leave so I have to wait for a little while more if I do relocate.
I am no Brad Pitt but if I let my hair grow a bit and dress up ishtylishly, I might be able to pass for a younger Ilyas Kanchon. Would that work? In all seriousness though, what I found hilariously creepy was that every job that was reserved for women asked for pictures, whereas the ones without restriction only asked for them every once in a while.

I know of a few people who are successful in Bangladesh with degrees from abroad, but they all have serious connections. Two who are bigshots in telecom, one in banking... all of their dads are/were politicians. I am hoping those are exceptions and the cases you are talking about are the norm.

I am considering going to Dhaka on vacation but I am afraid if I do, without a clear goal in mind, I would end up deciding I want to settle down here permanently. Since you live in North America, I am sure you can identify with some of my problems. I am in my late 20s, and although there is a litany of things someone my age can do here in his personal time, it's much more restrictive in Dhaka. There's not much of a night life, and I felt that the last time I went home. It's gonna be even harder now, since most people in my age group are married, and I don't know if I want to hang out with college kids. That would be... uhh... weird. Since I don't know where my high-school friends are, my parents and my siblings are pretty much the only companions I'd have in Dhaka, and that means I'd have to start my life all over again the moment I move. If I didn't have a demanding career which kept me occupied, while leaving some precious time for my family, I think I would go nuts.

The positives are there though. I get to live in my country again. I get to be around my own family again. I get to eat Bangladeshi food, travel through Bangladesh, watch cricket live in a stadium etc. I'll keep you updated if I end up moving there.
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