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Originally Posted by thebest
Dear Dhurr,


I feel I do not belongs to this country. The country belongs to the Nizamis, Aminis and some illiterate morons who called themselves 'conscience' of the country. How could you justified some so called teachers would resist admission test if 'requirement' is not relaxed ; how could you justified government is caving in demands of 30 somethings to dismantle a sculpture or ban a concert program; how could you justify government is negotialting with some acused when police is reporting to the court that he is absconding; politicians are barking how they are going to change the society by wild accusation and wild praise . and all these are tips of iceburg.
Now a days I am so much frusted with all these 'is staying in the country worth at all?' I fail to differentaite between Bangladesh and Pakistan. We are spiral towards Talibanism with more subtle way.
Actually BD is following Paki in all respect, politics, army, ... This trend is really worrying ...
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