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Dear thebest,
Our country is not perfect, not even close to perfect but that doesnt mean u stop loving it. U have raised some valid points abt the rise of militancy in the name of Islam. However I can still see some positives. Jamaatis are forced to change the partys chater according to the countries constituion. They are forced to recognize the great independence. Mujaheed will have to surrender to court in another weeks tiime. Militant kingpin like Bangla bhai is history now. While the government has removed the baul statue, it however can never remove the love for baul songs from the hearts and minds of ordinary bengali people. The popularity of Anusheh(bangla), and Arnob is a testament to that fact.

On the economic front our country has gotten stronger recently. Our currency devaluated the least in the last couple of years compared to India and Pakistan. From 100 indian rupee= 161 Bd tk in start of 2007 it has now dropped to 140 tk.
BD tk is now stronger than pakistani rupee also.

Bangladesh is a peoples republic and not an Islamic state like Pakistan. Lastly you don abandon your loved one in times of crisis. You should never abandon your country either. We fought the great liberation and freed ourselves from tyrants once.These islamic militants cant do S@#^
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