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I can attest you that I love my country than before. I find it very encouraging when young and restless are doing their part to change the face of the country without or very little government help. The one I mentioned is well reported. I am fortunate (?) enough to sit in some of government programs; project committees. What I am seeing is the so called public servant think this country as their fiefdom. They are simply plundering the resources. Sometime forcing contractors to do something that would benefit themselves but would brought harm to the society. I saw sometime young guns of those contractors protest but often they muffled by their senior management because senior management know displeasing public servent and shooting your leg is same.
Even media is as corrupt as some of the politicians. I read complete opposite stories in newspapers where I have first hand knowledge in those stories.
You talked about Bangladesh is people's republic and Pakistan is Islamic Republic and Jamat changed. You are right. I do not know when you were last time in Bangladesh. Now a days I find more Ninjas in Dhaka then in Karachi in 1994; Every Juma is virtually a day for those fundies to show their muscle powers. Regarding Jamat you can call a crocodile an allegator but it would still kill you.
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