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Its paranoia to think that BD is becoming talebanized. Some people hate any sign of Islam, they dont like seeing Hijab wearing people and beards and its wrong to take that as a sign of being "Talebanized". I would be worried when fundos start enforcing their version of Islam by force on others, till then theres nothing to pani cover a few thousand of them marching for some reason or the other

Now coming to BD and Pakistan, the reason why I am more optimistic about BD is that:

1) Terrorists in BD were promptly punished and by grace of Allah we didnt see any repeat ecently

2) All sections of society condemned the acts of Bangla Bhai, we didnt have sympathetic civilians like Pakistan

3) To date, I havent seen anything that resembles enforcement of Islamic laws by fundos.....

4) Yes, you have a few thousand marching against Ahmadias or Lalon statue some Fridays , but they are mostly harmless in that the police never allow them to cause chaos if their demands are not met, and also because our society is much less weaponized than Pakistan
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