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Default INDIA

I give em props for reaching this far and actually becoming a "concern" for Australia. The difference between Bangladeshis and Indians are crystal. When we scold their team - they shut us up. (I still remember me laughing at those Hindustanis for thinking that India was gonna win the cup but I had my doubts ). I am aware that India is getting it easy as most of the "threatening" teams got kicked out the first round but that is definitely not an excuse for not giving them "proper respect"
But Bangladesh is yet to shut up her brothers..."wise Indians" (Wisden). That is a shame I will bear. I suggest you all do that too.

By the way Ehsan, what was British's role in the independence of Bangladesh? I guess the formation or the separation (however you look at it) of the subcontinent countries were inevitable.

Just to clear the thought - India v Pak = Hindus v Muslims.

Finally -

[align=center]!!!INDIA ALL THE WAY BABY!!![/align]

PS - I am hoping for a Kenya v India final. My hope never comes to reality though.

another PS - I disagree with Shubho and Rahul - that this forum should only be used to discuss bangladesh cricket and DISS-CUSS the Indians and Paks. I believe there is no harm in any discussion (BD being the major one) as long as it's about cricket. I hope boss tehsin agrees with me.

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