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Politics is one subject I hate.

Politics has given us nothing but subtractions and divisions.

I support Ehsan fully and completely -- Let's all get united and no one can beat us in anything.

The wars, the fights, the riots, the disasters all these have been instigated and executed by a few selfish people who set objectives of destroying thousands and affecting milliions only to satisfy their own self interests. In some instances, the disasters were carried out by people who were too emotional to give religion or politics a priority. These people did not have the intelligence or guts to come face to face and hold meaningful negotiations.

As a result, the whole region has suffered. The people have suffered. Life has always been full of worries, threats and tensions.

That's it for today. I am not a professional in this subject.

Now, Orpheus has won in the competition for forecasting skills. I was hoping to win a prize on that, but missed. You know what -- I always thought my forecasting skills were A class. If you remember, in one one of my previous posts I predicted one of the sub-continental teams would definitely play semi-finals, maybe even the final match... On that NZ vs Bangladesh match evening, Ashraful was on 22 or something and I knew he was GOING. I predicted a half-century for him. But do I get any prize for all these great predictions? Unfortunately not!!!!

That's OK. I still have a lot of fun here at

Oh yeah/////
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