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Originally posted by AgentSmith
yup, no more aziz in the team after this, let alone in playing 11. masri is coming back so, no need for nazmul. good thing we tryed nazmul and tareq here. even though we had to go thru another lose against an associate, we now know which combinaiton of 11 is the best.
I think we are too quick to call for heads - especially not being there or seeing the game.

Bowler O M R W wd nb
Nazmul Hossain 10 1 35 2 - -
Tareq Aziz 10 0 61 0 - 3
Tapesh Baisya 10 0 74 1 - 3
Mohammad Rafique 10 0 32 2 1 -
Manjural IslamRana 10 0 49 1 2 -
Nazmul was actually one of the better performers along with Rafique.

The most expensive bowler was our usual solid Tapash. Tareq was not too good this game but remember his last over vs the recent ODI win against Zimbabwe. He was our hero then and now he is a zero. SO do we call for Tapash's head now?

Did the wicket ease up later and amde it easier to bat aftet the early morning clouds?
Did our batsmen contribute to the loss by not being able to score at a higher rate?
Note that the five bowlers completed their quota 10 overs. Was Rajin too much of a greenhorn to experiment with the bowling? Too afraid to use anyone else? Did any of the other's offer advice? If so, did Rajin listen or did they all let the him drown?
Too many questions.

Let's not sharpen the guillotine yet.
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