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Originally Posted by Tintin
This is another picture of the Tongi bridge taken in the 1880s (from that thread). Wikipedia says about a bridge built by Mir Jumla there in the 1660s. Is the remains in the foreground that old bridge ?
Nope this isnt the one. This one was paid for and built by the Raja of Bhawal (if you read Partha Chatterjee's "A Princely Imposor" which I'd recommend, you'll read about quite an interesting story). This Turag Bridge wasnt constructed before the mid 1800s.

The Area of Tejgaon, stretching north through Gazipur district all the way to almost Mymensingh were all part of the Bhawal estate. Currently Tejgaon to this bridge is Dhaka city, then onwards north its Gazipur which is increasingly becoming an industrial zone (all his lands having come a long way into being in smaller private hands over the past 60 years).
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