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TextHow come Sri Lanka, a better team than Kenya could not win the world cup or narrowly finish second in the 2003 World cup? After all it was being coached by Whatmore at that time. And what is more SriLanka dropped Whatmore after this World cup and signed up John Dyson.
That is because Kenya played and beaten Sri Lanka AT HOME, and for Sri Lanka Africa is NOT HOME.

Furthermore, Kenya got some points even without playing New Zealand as New Zealand gave their points away to Kenya for not wanting to go to Kenya.

And then again, Sri Lanka team is good when the pitch is turning and low bounce as they have loads of spinners in their team and their batsman are more comfortable playing spin, and their batsman are not too accustomed to playing on too many bouncy pitches. In South Africa, the pitches are bouncy. This is why the current Sri Lanka team is producing lots of TALL FAST BOWLERS. they're trying to overcome their shortcomings.

And Whatmore has been with the Sri Lankan team for ages (may be for 5 to 6 years with a break of a few years in the middle) and they needed a change, so they finished their contract with Whatmore.
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