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Originally Posted by thebest
I do not watch ICL. So I do not know which Bd companies are buying ad in 10 sports or Zee sports. But I never saw any bd ad in ten sports or zee sports when I watch other sp0rting event on those channel. So I infer that no Bd company is buying ad over there. However when Digonta TV is buying the right, they have to pay Zee for that right; thus money goes outside Bangladesh; Regarding your second issue, I hope you use teletalk - then then problem of money going to Norway or Malaysia or Egypt would not arise. BTW I have serious problem going money to India then Norway (even after massive amount of money going through GP, it is one of the few country where we have balance of Trade in our favor; at least that was the case till 2006; last time I checked). BTW you may have forgot how much money GP and Banglalink invest in Bangladesh and how much job they created in Bangladesh. GP alone created more job for Bangladeshis then all indian companies in Bangladesh combined .
BTW is not it quite ironic Digonta - a channel associated with Jamat is trying to buy product from Zee - a channel which has very soft corner for BJP and if some of my Indians friend to belive may be part of BJP. Surely Fundies are always together irrespective of Hindu, Muslim or Christians

Even though you have some strength in the later part of your comment in terms of logic, the first argument is simply pathetic. What will happen to Bangladesh, if other countries decide not to trade (import) anything including labour from Bangladesh to prevent money going abroad????? There could only be a campaign to promote goods and services produced by the country to be consumed in the country, but that only could be a second front. Not a primary one as you seem to suggest. Why watch India Aussie match?
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