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Originally Posted by jabber375
Looks like I am the only one who appreciate this ban. C'mon guys, why should Diganta show ICL matches live. None of our private TV channels appeared to be interested to broadcast matches when our national team play. Then why Diganta is so enthusiastic about ICL??
I mean what was the purpose of ICL to introduce a team from Dhaka. Its not like they have great respect about BD cricket. ICL's strategy was to increase the TV rating by attracting some viewers from Dhaka. We all agree that ICL has devastated our cricket already. If Diganta keep showing this fake show(I cant call this cricket), day by day more people will start watching it and will serve the ultimate purpose of ICL(General people are more interested to see fake events and that’s why WWE or HILLS is so popular). As you can imagine it will bring more devastation to BD cricket.

I think you all agree BCB doesn't have the ablity to fight ICL's huge money. So, BCB needs some minimum protection which may be unfair.

I do not agree, and so many of us who dont.

I do not think ICL has devastated our cricket. Rather the ICL ban and the subsequent politics had effect, if there were any whatsoever.

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