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its just the bastard british who separated us a long ago....

I fully agree with you but it was ehsan who used that xxxxxx word earlier. I used it as i was replying to his message. if you don't like it, i wont use it anymore. The quoted message is a part of ehsan's message.

I wasn't trying to sell BD. I was born in BD way back in 1984 and lived 11 years there till 1995 before coming to India with my parents. I used to live in Dhaka in BD then. I am a BDi living in India. Why would i think of selling my country. I love my country, why would i sell my country. I am sure that BD would develop on its own. It will be a major cricketing force one day. You might have seen my signature - "Bangladesh would win the 2015 World Cup". This shows how much i like BD as it is my country whereas Ehsan says in his signature to unite BD, India and Pak. I was just saying that BD and India should be united and that Pakistan should not unite with us then. I have a lot of respect for BD.

I apologise if i used such words.

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