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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Pure comedy.

1st signs with ICL, takes cash.
Then PCB begs and returns the cash.
Then signs with IPL take cash. (signing bonus $125,000)
Then ICL petitions and he can't play at IPL and can't make any more money.
So decides to go back to ICL without returning cash. I bet he thought signing bonuses are his to keep.
Future events that will follow:
IPL will sue and he can't play for ICL and will have to return cash. Even if he retires now from Pak Team he can't play anywhere. lol. Let BCL (Bangladesh Cricket League) get in to the mix and offer him to be the batting coach of one of the divisional teams.

See everything ends up with Cash or money. What a shame. Holding up his share to defame Pakistani cricket more and more.
There is a solid chance for BD National League to take him . But still I feel bad for him. These incidents are not his fault.
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