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Originally Posted by istiak
I think the popularity of ICL is growing fast in Dhaka and BCB is really worried abt it. If DW reaches semi or more this time BCB will be in real trouble. I myself was also not interested at the biginning but i must admit i am a regular viewer of DW now. My enthusiasm has greatly enhanced by the behavior of BCB and BCCI.
No wonder here. BCB played the cheap shot of questioning patriotism of the DW players only to hide their own mis-management. Many of us jumped in to that view without looking at the background of the problem or what ICC says. Many of us even forgot the past behavior of BCCI that they did not even host us to play in India. This ban by the govt will make many of us think a bit more and at the end of the day, justice prevails! Unfortunately, by the time we all come to sense, these BCB stupid officials will leave, the next management will start delegating all the blames to the past officials.

We must focus on the actual problems and in-time.
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