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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
I wouldn't want to see Tamim, Shakib, Mash and the young ones coming up the pipeline joining Chittagong "Hilltrackers" or Khulna "spotted deer" in near future. With the success of DW may be they will come up with another team. A 2nd ICL team that is.

It protects our interest too. T20 is no cricket. It spoils the patience needed for test. No wonder we suck in test.

There is no freedom for any body in any where in this world. The word "Freedom" should be taken out of the dictionary.
Lohore Badshahs did very good in Last tournament, But ICL didn't go for another team from Pakistan. Pakistan has more players to offer than BD. Even the paki players playing in other ICL teams can make up another one of them. It is strategically not benefitting ICL to have more than one team from same country, rathar they would like to go for a third country. More over ICL can't make a tournament with 'N' number of teams, anything more than 12 teams will make it too lengthy to sustain. So this type of fear is just a little bit ridiculous I guess.

Whatever these guys are doing is still cricket & competitive cricket. Much better than sitting at home and hoping for a place in the national team. Could Playing cricket be more damaging than not playing?

Well they might opt to get better players to make the team stronger, that's it and I don't think taking 1/2 players every year is going to hurt much. It it hurts BCB should lift ban and allow them to play in the national team. Who stops them?
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