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you were wrong. attempts were made to make a Karachi team. But they fail to recruit enough Pakistani players. Please check Pak fans web site.
I would agree that calling Dhaka Cowards gadder uncalled for. But BCB did invest on them. So BCB has every right to do what ever way you like. BCB did not ban them playing cricket in Bangladesh; They just ban them in playing tournaments organized and approved by BCB. Many of you are doctor; But having an MBBS degree does not give you permission to practice every country of the world. You have to pass and fulfil the obligation of respective professional's association to practice in that country. In the same way, BCB is simply not recognizing their skill in playing cricket on any BCB approved tournament. I know Bangladesh Medical Association does not give permission of any doctor who passed from any USSR university and if I remember correctly even doctors who earned degree from Japanese school could not practice in Bangladesh. Did any doctor protest of this? I don't think so. Even some monthes ago one of Sk. Hasina's lawyer were refused permission by bar council to present her case. I remember there was little murmur but eventually every body agree with the decesion.
Regarding they were not getting enough money. Let me give an analogy from my personal life.By profession I am a public University Teacher. When I joined I knew there is little money by I accepted it. After the mush room growth of private universities some of my colleagues jumped to the other fence and some of them are engaged in part time job giving the reason I needed the money. I never teached in priavte university and hopefully never will. I have two arguments; first I knew from the beginning I would be in tight position financially; so why advent of private university would change the scenario and second private university is offering me not because of me but because of my affliation with the public university. Now take the scenario to Dhaka Cowards - they knew from the beginning if they can not top dog money would not be enough; ICL did not hire Aftab, HB or SN ; they hired player of Bangladesh team; I am still an HB fan but even in my wildest dream he is not a 20-20 player. BTW BCB with the exception of HB and Rafiq invested on each and every DC players. There rest of us differed as almost all cases the educational part is fully or partially financed by us; not some quasi-public organization. So did DC player repaid BCB the sum they invested on them with interest. I supported the ban because of political reason as it would potentiallly hinder Jamat's financing in election
Regarding the issue - I am all for free speech; And if you read my first post you would see I feel irritated the way government is trying to dictate my choice of watching channel. But free speech or freedom does not mean what ever and which ever I want to speak and do is permissible. I would urge fellow poster to read a short story by Bonoful name Shawdinota to understand what it mean.
Regarding popularity of DW - all is in the net. Very few actually watch it live and there is not an iota of protest that it has been banned to be telecast by Digonta. Most people even do not know about it.
Twenty20 is not a gentleman's game. It's like a one-night stand and not a marriage. It is a street format and the goonda doesn't know what is a late cut or a cover drive

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