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Dozens of bomb blasts in all over India every year, killing hundreds of people, all has to be linked either with Pakistan or Bangladesh. And since now, not a single person has been convicted by the justice [for those series of bomb blasted for years]. Isnt it says all about their intelligent service and their accusation? If you are sure the training and logistic coming from out side, how come no one from inside or outside [India] has brought to justice yet?

As if every terrorist activities in India has been carried out no one but aliens! As if they never faces religious and political problems among Hindus, Muslims, Christians, or diffrent sect of races or ethnic etc.! Every year there are dozens of news on riot, mass killing going on in India because of those "religious and political problems", and who is to blame for that?? But any bomb blast in any places [in India],,, it has to be the people from either border! How convenient joke it is!!
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