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Banfan ;
we can go on and on. and I would not take that route; Just explain me the following;
1.BCB did not ban them playing cricket in Bangladesh; They just ban them in playing tournaments organized and approved by BCB. and what is wrong with that? We fan and government recognize BCB national team as the representative of Bangladesh. If ICL is so much in love of Bangladesh why not ICL create their own league in Bnagladesh and their own Bangladesh team. There is legal precendece in India where BCCI attested to supreme court that Team India is not representing India but BCCI's team of India. ICL could create their own Bangladesh team and we fan would choose the better side. It is the fan who would give recognition of the representative Bangladesh team; not BCCI, not BCB or ICL.
BTW How that analogy is wrong? If you did not pass from a BMA accrediated school you can not practice medicine in Bangladesh; if BCB did not recognize their skill (Doctors of Japanese is surely doctor, unfortunaley BMA do not recognize them) so they can not play in BCB accredited tournament
2. BCB with the exception of HB and Rafiq invested on each and every DC players. However in our case our education is fully or partially financed by us; not by some quasi-public organization. BTW both You and I know why UGC/MoE could not take action against the socalled faculties of public university. There was even news on TV and paper that one of the VC of public university was working full time in private universiy.
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