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I decided to do some searching and found a nice article on the nature magazine regarding p.falciparum distribution (the mosquito that causes malaria). Apparently in south east asia, there is high number of people that are at risk but almost all fall under hypoendemic/mesoendemic category, meaning the transmission rate isn't that high whereas in Africa transmission rate is really high, so they fall under hyperendemic/holoendemic category.

I have attached the table below:


So Bangladesh is at risk but they still fall under that hypoendemic category - so the risk is there but it isn't nearly as bad as in africa. If I were to visit Africa I would definitly consider the prophylactics.

Also plasmodium spp tend to be localized rather than diffused. So there would be certain areas in Bangladesh that will have incidences of malaria whereas other areas will be malaria free.

What surprised me about samjad case is that both him and his wife had side effects. Every medicine in the world have side effects but what we want to see is if the benefit outweighs the harm. So even potentially dangerous pill are on the market if let's say it will only badly affect 1 out of 1000 people whereas help others.

There are definitely bad pills on the market (not all FDA approved pills are safe, there are a lot of politics behing these approvals - they are not solely on clinical trial data). So it would be prudent to see data on the pill to judge for yourself if it's worth the risk of taking it.

So given the data and the associated risk - I think I would consider it if I am visiting africa - but not so for BD. Dengue is definitely what I would be more concerned about.

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