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Originally Posted by muradnyc
Why don't you guys sue the Nurse now?
He doesn't have a case I am afraid. But if he can collect enough data showing this pill does more harm than good (good luck on that cuz most of the clinical trials are funded by drug companies themselves), then he can sue both the drug company and FDA.

there was a case against Wyeth for a pill they put on the market that helps you to lose weight. The pill did work (you would lose weight, so given the potential monkey making opportunities, a lot of negative results were deliberately ignored to keep the pill on the market). Basically you would lose weight but long term, you would have valvular lesions (meaning your heart valves wouldn't work properly). Now the company has to pay some 200+ billion dollars in damage to their patients. There is very little incentives to keep pills that fight disease like malaria because they are endemic in poor countries. Simply put nobody cares. So I would think if there was enough evidence against a pill that fight diseases among the poor.. they would just pull it off the shelf. That's just my opinion

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