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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Just like someone can't create a BMA & banned by BMA means Banned in BD. Equally banned by BCB also implies banned in BD. Until there is a parallel created by someone. Yes, why don't NASA open a branch in BD if they want BD employees? Why don't Intel open one?

Fans have the right but they really don't have that scope. Has BCB asked anyone before banning them?

Is there any system of getting trained in a BCB acredited instution? That's where it is different from a doc. A cricketer can be picked from the street and taken in the team if he is tallented. Imagine a cold blooded ROG KATA shibir cadre being picked by BMA as a surgeon for his skill & tallent !!

My friend, the money one pays in BUET/DU/DMC is a peanut in comparison to the expenses. It is just to give you a sense of participation only. Compare your tutions with a private university of same standard. Think of a cricketer how much he has to spend untill he gets noticed & taken into a payment system/training. Does a cricketer get all the money he needs to make himself a cricketer? It is only the national team who gets money on a regular basis, what about others?

Education gives you an assured career untill you retire at the age of 57 & for some profession it's until you die. What's the career span of a cricketer? He is giving his life in it & needs to earn as well to secure his life. When there is an opportunity why shouldn't he take it? He is still available for the national service but alas an educated person who goes abroad for earning money isn't even available for the national services.

Well, we can keep going possibly, let the time decide what will happen with them. Currently as a fan I enjoy watching cricket, so I watch them. I have no business calling them traitors as you also say that BCB doesn't decide on behalf of the nation. It is a private body & many others might comeup in course of time if that is an absolute necessity, be it ICL or BCL. if BCB doesn't change it's policies, alternatives are bound to come up. Rome wasn't built in a day, Lets wait for that time.

Very well argued BANFAN, you make some valid points.

Although I can understand the resentment being felt by people against the players for leaving, supporting or joining in a witch hunt against them is not going to benefit anyone.

We all need to unite and find a way to bring some of those players back in the international fold to provide some back bone to our national team.

I really believe that playing in the ICL has given these players a real belief that they are not inferior to anyone else and they CAN win.

That is why their batting has been a revelation. OK, some people will point out the Lahore Badshah match, but yes, they did lose badly, but that is because they went in to this match with the huge pressure of expectation to WIN and that is something they are not used to , but will get used to in time.
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