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Hahahah... BD gonna freaking LOOOOOSe like a Mother Lover. =)

I am only kidding... calm down crazy Fans. I only kidd, no kill me, i no make no joke no more, i sorry, i go bak to my chinese food. But all jokes aside, seriously, they gonna loose.. ahaha, just kidding. On the paper and math, it looks as they shud do worse than the first ODI, but I believe they will do better. =)
Bangladesh politics, but not in cricket, no no..
Just having fun.. Relax ... some of u prolly mad enuff to throw rocks thru my computer screen. Hahah... this is hilarious.
BD will WIN ... not the 2nd ODI, but in the future .. maybe ping pong game or something similar. I Jusht kitting.
Ok enuff joking around. Ashraful make us proud.. get another half century... and lead the team to victory.
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