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amit(a huge BD fan)
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Originally posted by rafiq
no matter how much we want to cry about it, there is no stopping immigration, flow of jobs, etc from one country to another. people go where the jobs are. by now the USA has a significant number of people who descend from cricket-playing countries. what remains to be seen is if their kids will play the sport. I have no doubt that in time the US will field players born in this country.

Amit, what will you do when USA beats India 4-0?
USA wont play any odis after the iccct. no chance of usa beating ind 4-0. replace usa with bd in that post as that could cm a bit more realistic than usa beating ind.

only teams who will come up in cricket will be european teams like ireland, scotland, holland, maybe even denmark and asian teams like nepal, malaysia, uae, afghanistan and maybe oman, kuait.
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