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- first of all.. our bowlers really got hammered today.. gave wayyy too many runs.. 359 was always too much.. i mean.. i laughed when i saw the target
-congratz to hashim amla for that spectacular knock
- tamim, what a start, but what an end.. if only he had stayed on.. who knows what cud have happened.. but i'm happy with what he did
-imrul.. really dissapointing.. he kept on closing his eyes for most of the deliveries.. expected better.. hope we hv sum1 else for the 3rd odi..
-mash and razzak.. u guys rok! esp mash.. fantastic knock.. some of his shots were really cute and out of the oridinary.. but loads of fun to watch and none the less fab.. his sixes.. the 1st on kept risinand risin.. i thot he'd be out.. when it came back to the ground commies were like wheres the ball.. it was amaizing.. so high and it went sooo far.. HUGE!! even the 2nd one was fantastic.. and razzaks one was fabulous.. and their 4s.. cracking ones.. all of them..these guys shud teach the morons how to bat.. i think tamim shud open wid mash.. followed by raj..then the morons.. tht way bd will always get a blistering start and make proper use use of the pps..
- mashrafes really got me worried.. the way he held his back everytime he hit a ball.. i cud tell he was in pain.. i'm worried abt him.. what if its serious.. what will we do??
- sum1 plz tell me why they sent him to bat today.. its not like we had any chance of winning.. y cudn't they have just sent rasel.. and then when he got out.. accept defeat.. mash needed rest.. he did not need to hit those balls.. coz they took a lot of forse and he was suffering..
-drop catches by mash, ash and missed catches which ought to have been taken in order to restore some stability in the match by mushy and sakib.. overall.. hmm.. not what i expected..ashs one looked easy.. mashs was neither easy nor tht difficult.. shud've been taken.. sakib got unlucky.. and goboy.. well..
-hoping for a better show next match by these guys..

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