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spreading cricket in usa makes no sense. in sports like hockey and football, usa have done nothing great so far. even in basketball, despite having so much,usa flopped badly in the olympics.

cricket will never take off in the usa and only in countries like ireland, scotland, nepal will the game expand and there teams will be test/odi teams in the near future. [/quote]

I don't think you quite understand the spirit of sports, and your comments are dissapointing. What is it to you if the USA or Timbuktu decides to try to play cricket? I thought sports should be spread across the globe - isn't that the objective? Don't bring your general apathy towards the USA into this issue, if that indeed is what your issue is with the whole thing. There are enough players playing cricket in the USA and those who live here see that - so I see no reason why the US cannot field a national team.

And as for football (soccer), if you think the US hasn't done anything great, winning the world cup is not the only measure. Count the number of American players in the Premiership and in Europe, and go watch the quality of MLS games next time you get a chance. Then of course there is the US women's team. I am not trying to be a US cheerleader, but your comments have no basis in reality - it seems you don't understand the bigger picture.

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