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Originally Posted by sports_fan_bd
So ICL is not recognised by ICC. Then why there is no harm of participating the tournament. Some posters argue here in the line that players can play ICL but seems ICC did not recognise the tournament yet! Those play in an unauthorised tournament instead of the national team (to earn easy $$) are just traitor to me.

here is what i posted a few months ago...lets see if you can agree with me

"If a hasbeen like Sunil Joshi is being paid thousands of dollars and is still eligible to play for his city and country then why can't a far better player like Mushtaq Ahmed be allowed to make a similar sum of money and still be eligible to play for Multan and Pakistan? If Virat Kohli and several other Indian youngsters are given a chance to make thousands of bucks then why shouldn’t players like Tim Southee, Sarfraz Ahmed and other young non Indian players be given a chance to make money?

I know it isn’t BCCI’s responsibility to give chances to the players outside IND but they should also NOT have the right to block opportunities for the players to go to different league. As things currently stand they have selected the players who they feel will benefit their league(most of the top 100 players on the planet) and YET they won't even allow the rest of the players to play to make money at these players(mostly top domestic players) who stayed in domestic cricket are making LITERALLY 50 to 100 times less than what they could have just because of the constant bullying by the BCCI. "

They are not even letting these players play 1st class cricket by using their bullying and borderline blackmailing messed up is that?"

actually i am not that worried about BCCI any more simply because they are taking BIG bites out of the game hence every thing is quite noticeable, they along with ICC will soon get sued and badly lose the case(ICC lawyers have already predicted that)
... and i am also sure fairly soon the Indian public(sensible people like TO) will turn against the BCCI as well( the rest of the world already has).

Every thing will be resolved with in a year(or at lest i hope so)
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