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Originally Posted by nobody
A batsman hit a ball and it just sail over the boundary. A fielder X crosses the rope and throws the ball back. At the time he was throwing he did not have control over the ball. Fielder Y caught the ball inside the boundary. Now my question:
1. would it be an out (as the fielder, Y who caught the ball did not crossed the boundary ) or
2. is it a six ( as fielder X cross the boundary to throw it back)
If the fielder X had already crossed the boundary, meaning if any part of his body was 'in contact' with outside the boundary when the ball was still in his hand (or in contact), then it is already a 6 before the 2nd fielder gets any chance.

Now, if the first fielder was inside the boundary when he contacted the ball and got outside only after throwing the ball, then it will be a catch attributed to the second fielder.

There is a difference here between the laws of football and cricket. In football, it is considered a goal if the ball crossed the goal line even in the air; but in cricket it is based on contact. So, if a fielder stays inside the boundary and catches a ball that flew in the air just outside the boundary, it will still be considered a catch.
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