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Default its a mess

Originally Posted by cricket_king
Typical response from a Bengali fan. How about you go try out for the national team rather than yak off at them mindlessly?
Do you seriously consider this "yaking"...after 8 years of utter incompetance and embarassment, rape of national pride, ripping the fabric of youth and all those who support a NATIONAL team?

Do u seriously consider that the frustrations of millions of fans all across the globe who feel the same way is somehow mindlessly heckling some "talents"?

Do you seriously consider the lack of fundamental skill and cricketing INTELLIGENCE lacking in our players, much less our captain? Forget about winning games, the lack of spirit, or sportsmanship, patience, or simply some sensible knocks is absurd.

Do you seriously consider that BD cricket is in any shape or form going in the right direction?

This is not about "typical" bengali anything. What needs to be "atypical" is the response we get from our players who represent the NATIONAL side. This is not a club sport. There is blood, pride, hearts and minds in this game. The rape of such a sport by neanderthals is unforgiving.

The answer is not "go pick up a bat and you do it genius"...we are not supposed to be inspiring the players, we are supposed to be inspired BY the players...this is by far the last stray of bad performances and helpless heartbreaks.
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