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i have a plan and a dream.....

i am going to design and build a long rectanguler room where there will be a rocket propelled bowling machine pitching balls at 250 miles per hour. i will lock in one BD batsman at a time for an hour inside my torture room and pray on my tasbih while they get shot in the face by the 250 mph balls. some will simply die in the process and some will come out alive looking like bloody steak in a butcher shop! after three months of doing this 7 days a week i can come up with a good batting team i reckon!~ if any batsman just goes inside the room and hunch up at a corner and think he can get by without facing the balls for an hour and he is safe....think monitoring will isolate them and they will be taken to a second ordinary room(not designed by me) where i will be waiting for them with a very old rusty NUT-CRACKER and my evil laughter......hooooahahahaaaaaahhaaaa!!!!!
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