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Default Strong and acceptable performance

But again, showing that we just haven't become responsible yet - Like All-Shariyar's innings.

Sumon - Its ok that you don't like Lanka and their bowlers, but you don't have to tell that to us in this way.

Our Captain - just shows what sheer determination can make you do, and the fact that playing more games actually help.

World cup campaign - it will be in SA not the Sub Cont. - I wish we could stay back a tad longer in SA and play against, well even the road side teams.

My greatest concern is that we just can't get a 85 % fixed team in either form of the game. We are introducing to many new players too often and also bringing back too many old players too often. Players like our captain is obviously making the point here - the more you play, the better your avgs will start becoming. Therefore, the collective result will improve.

Lastly, will Masri be able to make it back into the team by late this year? He needs atleast one tour/series before the wc.

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