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Well, personally, i believe the Holy Mosque needs an expansion to accomodate the ever growing number of the Hajjis. But at the same time, "The Custodians of the Holy Mosques" needs to realise the importance of preserving the history and heritage of Islam.

Getting both done at the same time wont be an easy task and one would have to give away a bit for the other. The expansion could still be done with preserving those precious buildings and historical places.

I have always felt the Saudi Govt have not done "enough" to secure the safety and overall comfort of the millions of pilgrims who travel to Saudi every year with enormous devotion. They probably get away as most of these people are there for the Hajj and try to overlook the material wellbeing.

The issue of stampede during Stone Throwing to the Devil has always been something of great concern to every Hajji and thier family back home. This time i heard from my Father, who recently returned from Hajj, the situation and the arrangement has improved a fair deal. But now they have live so far away from the stone pillars, that it makes an near impossible task for the elderly and women Hajji to perform the throwing rituals. Instead they'd let someone from the family to do the part on their behalf. Where my father was stayng, he had to walk and back for about an hour, plus the time it takes to throw at thos pillars. It is an extremely exhausting task on behalf of the Hajjis esp, right after the day of Hajj (staying in Arafat)

Eagerly waiting to see how the whole revamption shapes up.
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