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Default Lasts words on first ODI

It was a good show after those horrible performances in the test matches. 226 for was a good enough score for a team coming back from four scores under 200 and two HUGE loses. Good comeback.

Durjoy and Shujon probably failed but this was only one match and they didn't too much time in hand to settle down. Also, when was the last time they played competitive cricket ? Been a while, hasn't it ? Not a big fan of Durjoy but when he is playing for Bangladesh, I'd like for him to apply himself as an all-rounder. I don't think we need him for the second ODI because we have better prospects keeping the benches warm.

If we tighten our bowling a little bit and the batsmen can keep on pushing those runs, we can put some more pressure on the Lankans. They are the ones under pressure to win, let's use that against them.
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