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Originally Posted by Nafi
Just ignore their whining, theyre completely pathetic. We've had five test series, and only one was a complete failure, being the south african away series.

Three times, we came close to winning. one vs SA, one vs SL, one vs NZ, if they bothered lookin at all these matches then they wud know that at home, BD is actually a fairly competitive test nation, and is onthe right track.

May be they are setting up a situation to scare the hell out of us. And then they would let us play test cricket, but only at home. We would be playing half the amount of test cricket and still be glad about it as we did not get kicked out of the big boys club entirely. They are being bunch of fracking jackasses.

India does need our vote. However, they have so much financial clout now that we could not probably live without voting for them no matter what they do to us. It is a very unfortunate situation.
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