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Originally Posted by kalpurush
As far I remember the Zimbabwean cricket fans called themselves Lion
Don't think there's any "official" term, but we had a chat about this over on ZCF a while back: if South Africa were the Proteas, what should we be..?

"Proteas" is after the SA team badge (same as the Springboks) - dunno what you'd call ZC's current badge, though, so that wouldn't work. Although the Zim Police did think it was an illicit MDC logo for a while...

But! Both SA and Zim rugby sides are named after deer (Springboks and Sables), stick to the theme and have both cricket sides named after plants. Flame lily would be the obvious one for Zim (since it's our national plant), and since the team kit is predominantly red, the Flames would work. This also fits in with the side's unerring ability to go down in flames at any opportunity. Now we just need a new badge to match...
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