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Default Curious..!!

I've seen a lot of credits/source cited to this 'Bangladesher Khela' magazine.

Not trying to play dumb here..but how reliable (especially respectable) is this publication?'

Before I left BD in late 80s, some of the respectable sports journalists belonged to 'Ittefaq', 'Bichitra (weekly Magazine)' and of course 'Kriralok (sp?).

Thanks to BC, I got to know 'Daily Star' and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and substance of the sports reporting.

Like everywhere else, there must have been an explosion of online publications in BD now.

How many of them are quality products..? I realize that terms like 'quality' and 'respectability' can be totally subjective.

I'm just worried that fans are not taken for a ride by wanna be journalists/publications.

Thank you.

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