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Originally Posted by SS
Can we go to a Psychic to find out who will win. What our superstitous players are thinking? Winning toss and top order has to click. I guess it is a 50/50 chance. :-)


I am really concerned about Tamim. Although, I just LUVVV his aggressive, i-dont-give-a-damn style... cheletar shomosha ta ki ???!? He plays 4 and then goes for total suicide. And worst of all, he has been consistenly doing this instead of converting his 20s into healhty score.

Why am I picking on Tamim? Because he is our first wicket. The moment we start losing a wicket, pressure builds. I do get it that he should play his natural game, but I still think if he wants to mature his shots need to be filtered through REAL Discipline. After all even Jayasuriya doesn't go for extravagant shots, right after hitting 6s and 4s.

I hope to hell, BCB takes a look into this matter....

And speaking of openers. Kudos to Mehrab. All hail to him.
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