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Default Evolution of Cricket


I always wondered how has cricket evolved over the years. Can someone please evaluate it for me? For instance, before the age of seam bowling, bowlers like Waqar, Akram, Akib Javed used to go straight for the stumps. In addition to it, nowadays, thanks to my anari intution it seems South Africans compiled a strategy on pouncing upon the technicalities of LBW and to some extent (also to my great delight), recently Bangladesh has marvelously capitlized on it.

As for batting, I am truly clueless. Are there new positions that has been forced to evolve due to innovative shot selections of batsmen? And what about bat? Now we will see double sided bat. Also, when was the advent of three or four slips? And I am sure spin bowling hasn't been around forever which forced to introduce silly point...

I'd love to see someone writing a cool article on evolution of cricket and especially what the future holds for it.

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