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Originally Posted by gunda
(A Reply to orpheus thread)

This is phatetic,We shouldn't be making threads on "Will bangladesh win the series", this series should be a walk in the park! the question "will" shouldn't even be arised against zimbabwe!
how redicoulous this is, now we are struggling to even beat zimbabwe, oh it was a close match, this and that, why?
why should it be a close match?
the thread should be "in how many overs can bangladesh beat zimbabwe"?
WTH have we learned in those 8-9 years? F'all.
nothing, and now we are "close" game against zimbabwe.
this is pissing me off!
these players are making a mockery of us fans.
we be watching them early in the morning without no sleep,no food,no nothing starving our health and mind just to watch those spineless sheeps.
And this is how they pay us?? "CLOSE" match against zimbabwe??
why do we even bother?
If they don't give a damn about bangladesh than why should we?
why shout your mouth of at the t.v when nobody can hear you?
why wash your eye's trying to keep them open when they begging you to close?
why make excuses for work when your heart say's just GO?
why do anything for these morons??
what do you get out of it?
They not loosing sleep over the loss, they don't care about the imbarassment they make of bangladesh in front of the rest of the world, so why should we??
what is the bloody whole point of this , constantly just pressing buttons on the keyboard and some writting just pops up on the screen?
it's just "writtings" that's all it is. It never gets transformalised in to actions so why sweat?
it's just like the hindu philosophy of samskara..,
when will this ever end??
when will we see the human beings remain a human being and not turning into a cat?
The sad part to all this is "the cycle" over and over again, the same mistakes the same attitude the same excuses.
its all a pile of bull!
like the famous phrase "actions speak louder than words" well am sorry to say just like the players we the fans are just words and no action!
Hmm.... i couldn't resist myself not logging in this site again after couple of years! Simply an amazing thread! what can i say about gunda...his writing says it all! Simply a Class post! Im sure lot of us out there feel the same way as gunda does! Wish our beloved cricketers understood the "victims" like us!
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