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I'm not a mod or staff or sponser or anything and joined only about 8 months ago, but as the 11th max poster and 2nd "test cricketer" labeled member (only 2nd to AsifThemanRaham) I think i can share my story here too. To avoid confusion, even though 10 other people have more post than I do, 9 of them are mods, staff and all, not pure member, and thats why I'm the 2nd to get to play test here.

Since I left Bd about four and half years ago, my only way to know about our cricket was prothom alo and cricinfo. surprisingly enough it went on like this for so many years! sigh! only around last november, while reading prothom alo i saw something about in their sport page. that was something pretty suprising to me. a website for bangladeshi sport! it used to have those acrobat format at this time and if u scrolled down the fonts started to shake giving u instant headache. may be that headache was the reason (need some excuse right) that i did not see the small add of banglacricket on their homepage. took about 3 months to see that. i clicked on it. and as all says, rest are history. unlike most of you guys, i registered within 10 mins I came here! at that time i did not know it was a fan driven site. i started to read the articles in front page and the name I saw most was F waliullah. I posted something in the forum and saw a name fwullah replying it. That was really impressed. I compared this site wiht cricinfo or cricketnext and it was like andrew miller coming and answering my question in cricinfo forum (don't know if they hae any). then i saw an article by billah (a pure member at that time). that was even more surprising for me. that was my inspiration to write An article about sujon. It followed by a few more.
My very first thread was about rajputro!. I had only one ball next to my name and he had 9!

the poor condition of the download section bothered me a lot. tried to fix that a bit. With the help some member i managed to put togather a complete theme of our cricket. for some reason it had far below interested than i expected .

what else. don't wanna make this too long, probably u guys are already getting bored. just to add one more thing out of this last 8 and half month i'm here, I had as my homepage for about 6 months, just receintly changed it to google.
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