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I wish I had the right knowledge and complete understanding of the holy Quran to say something about it. It is really beyond the scope of few posts to discuss at length whatever I know of those sites. Anyway, let me try to give you a little idea.

Because many translators described the word 'alaka' as clotted blood, it became wide spread even in bangla that Allah created mankind from clotted blood. However, medical science disproves such claim. Few non muslims, who apperantly devote themselves to try to find holes in Quranic claims, made big deal about it and jumped to the conclusion that the science proved the Quran to be wrong.

As it turned out that the word 'alaka' has other meanings too. One such meaning is 'something that is attached'. Other meanings include 'attached like leech' and so on.

It should now be apparent that it is the translation that is wrong, not the holy Quran as mankind is really created from something that is attached to the mother's womb. I might never knew how accurate the Quran is if I didn't had a chance to read those explanations and counter explanations.

There are many such things that could be found in those websites. There are many islamic sites that try to offer its views as well. There are knowledge out there but only for seekers, I guess.

We had a few threads in the Forget Cricket forum that discussed many Quranic claims too.
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