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Originally Posted by bharat
Tigers_eye , you are giving 20-20 more credit that it deserves.Players wont change overnight.ODI cricket has improoved the quality of Test cricket over the years and the same will happen with 20-20.

I am not a big fan of 20-20 not because its going to diminish the quality of cricket (I think it will improove) but rather it might slowly kill Test cricket by virtue of its popularity.

If you look at the people who shined in last IPL or the 20-20 WC you would see that only good players have succeeded ..

Shewag and Ghambir are good in all forms so will Marsh and Watson.Class players will succeed in any format.The only thing I see different in this format is that this game is a young mans game, its hard to see the old timers tailor their game to this new format.This happened when ODI's were first introduced.Its more to do with adapting to the format than anything else.
Thanks for replying and few others too. There is big part that most of you are over looking.
1) Rest of the world.
2) And there is Bangladesh.

1) already knows how to play longer version of the game. WE DON"T. So the worry of T20 killing the world cricket is abserd. However, T20 will not enable BD players to learn what they are trying to learn which the longer version of the game. Or atleast delay the learning process.

Ghambir and Shewag mentioned here are already good test cricketer. Playing T20 will not make them forget how to build an inning brick by brick. On the other hand, T20 may not allow Bd players learn how to hold a brick let alone use the head to set it up with the cement to build a wall.

Originally Posted by Betaar
I don't understand how some of you don’t want to acknowledge the valuable learning sessions...
Dear Betaar,
"Need" or "want"? Which one you satisfy first? I would presume "Need" first.

What does BD Cricket NEED in the long-run and in the short-run?
If your answer is any where near to "learning to play the longer version of the game" or "get a win or two in Test cricket" or "some respectable draws" then you have hit the jack pot.

If these boys are let to play T20 cricket instead of 3/4 days matches then their learning process will be much longer to meet the needs of Bd Cricket. That is why I prefer County cricket over IPL. Not for the money part but to gain the know-how.

Hope you understand now that valuable experience will only hinder their growth. We are talking about 20-25 year olds here Not 28-35 year olds.

Anywhere in T20 if one teach patience to the players then I will stop saying what I am saying. As for the bowling experience in the death or blah blah, Geez folks!! What are the need of BD cricket? Bowling or batting? Prioritize your need first. Try to fix which is broken not the one which is working some what well.
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