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Originally Posted by arifbd
well said. i feel u guda bhai. i understand ur pain and sufferings.
i stayed awake for bangladesh's match all through the night and it resulted in nothing. i just hate it when they lose or miss catches. sometimes i just feel that im just wasting my time watching cricket. but BD cricket is not only my hobby but it hads become an addiction. when i cant wastch BD's matches online i just go to cricinfo and stare at the commentary and the scorecard all through thre night and curse every ten minutes under my breath. whenever i have the chance in school i just go to and read BD cricket news everyday.
i think BD should bet better players. SRi lanka has 1/10th of the population of BD but they still produce better cricket players than bangladesh.
i think thts pretty much the case with everyone.. cricket is no longer a hobby.. its an addiction.. u cant live without it... whenever theres a match goin on.. no matter wats the tym.. even i've got school next day.. i sit thru the night either watchin the match or else starin at the cricinfo commentry.. celebratin when we get sum1 out or wen v get a wkt.. or else cursin our luck or these boys.. wen they do sumthin stupid..

my dad tells me i shud learn to control myself.. tht i shud learn 2 control my addiction 2 cricket.. but i know i cant... how do i??? its become a part of me...
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