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Default Prices, individually

I wonder how much our gour real contenders have per head:

Sakib-$350,000...real deal, he's a better investment than maybe even flintoff. He alone can make a team go to the final

Mash- $105,000 ...he's pretty good, but his commitment worries me sometimes. I'm sure the IPL ppl will notice this as well. Nevertheless, he can be quite penetrating as a bowler.

Ash $100,000... a hit or miss player. But maybe in Twenty20 he'll prosper under less pressure. He can make runs from ball one and can easily score 20-30 runs in most matches in no. 6-7, just like Albie Morkel. Good value for money, plus fan base in calcutta.

Tamim-$70,000... again, a hit or miss player. Wud prob get ~20 every 2nd game. But prob not worth getting a spot more than 1-2 matches, especially since its the opening spot

Btw, do u guys know what countries do not have international commitment in this time? Cud be crucial in selecting players.
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