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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
I don't what you meant by saying all that and quoting me but in any form you are suggesting T20 allows batsmen to laern real cricket then ...

And who really cares about T20 and 50/50? We get to play other nations because of our TEST STATUS. We get all the money from ICC, sponsors because of our TEST STATUS. We are here discussing ab-jab because of our TEST STATUS. You guys still don't get it? T20 allows batsmen to skip all the technic and go for all or go broke. Gambling is bad. T20 batting is gambling for our players who don't know the basic of being patience.
We have only one win to show for against a weak Zim team and how proud are you for that?

We have one genuine draw against WI to show for how proud are you for that?

Test is everything. Our online board, our BCB, our dream, our stadiums, our everything. Don't promote something that will delay our learning to be a better test nation. 80% members here would trade all the ODI winnings for that one test win against Australia or South Africa. By fluke or because of opponents not feeling that a weaker team (associate) can beat a stronger team (test) in ODIs or T20.

Winning test is no fluke. That seperates men from the boys. That means you have arrived.
shabash. nice analysis
Reporter: You could hit the first ball for 4 couldn't you?
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