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Originally Posted by bdchamp20
T_E bhai it's not like we are the only country playing T20 is it? Every country is going through the T20 revolution. T20 is here and it will stay, some people need to accept this fact. And modern cricketers will have to adapt to this to survive in International cricket...
I have no problem if Australia to WI all 8 nations play T20 to their hearts out. They can even play Ten/10. Or 5/5. I care little with there preference of which format they want to play. I have never said T20 is going away also.

My issue is with BD players and BD players only. For us to survive in the long run Test results are more important than some wins in ODIs or T20. All the 8 nations above us already know how to play test. Their next generation who comes in to the team they learn from their domestic setup or from their elders in the team on how to play the longer version of the game.

We do not have that luxury. Our players do not know how to play test. The results we have in that format should throw away any doubt of the bold statement that I made.

Now if you can say playing a T20 tournament will teach our boys to be a better Test player I will stop arguing. If you can say playing T20 tournament will not hinder their learning on playing longer innings I will call you guru from now on.
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