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i don't understand this unnecessary fear of T20 disrupting Test ability.

1. The T20 team does not have to be the exact same players as the Test Team. Look how test greats like Dravid and Kallis fared in the 1st edition of IPL.

2. A great player is great player...period. Ghambir and Sehwag succeed in every format with a healthy strike rate in each. Shakib scored the brilliant 94 against SL in a test and then followed with a fast 100+ rate 92 in an ODI. So there is no reason why a player can not switch back and forth between formats. If anything, T20 allows them to pick out balls that can be punished instead of playing predetermined shots which appears to be the case with Ash and TI all the time

3. T20 is the future and we need to be part of it. Per the rankings we are in the top 8 in T20 which allows us IRELAND in the group instead of two other Test teams.

4. Test in its current bilateral FTP format can not grow. Imagine if ZIM had status now just how cluttered the schedule would be if each of the 9 teams now had to play two additional series.

5. IPL is making too much money to go back now. So are we to sacrifice playing cricket in April & May since everyone is busy with IPL and we don't thinkg our boys should ruin their talent by playing T20?
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